Double Ended Dildos

Double ended dildos are an amazing type of sex toy that you can use to achieve a variety of sensations. They are designed to be flexible and provide a good sense of texture. These toys are also great for solo play. If you're thinking about getting a double ended dildo, it's important to take your time. It can be tricky to work with, so it's a good idea to practice using them before you try them out on a real partner. Before you pick out a dildo, you need to know which position to use it in. Most people use them in the "Face to Face" position, where you lie down and thrust the toy inside your partner's body. This is a very comfortable play position and a great way to control the toy.

Learn More About Dildo Sex Toys

What Is A Dildo?

A dildo is a pleasure toy made from a variety of materials. They can range in length, width and texture, but most have a traditional phallic shape. They can be smooth, textured or hard and can be used in the anal canal or vaginally. They can be heated or cooled to provide additional sensations, and they can also vibrate. 

Some of the most popular dildos are made from silicone, which is nonporous and body-safe. Other materials include glass, metal and stone. These are harder and more sturdy than silicone, but they still feel great and can be sterilized using boiling water or sex toy cleaner.

There are a number of different materials available for people with different sensitivities, including jelly, rubber, latex and wood. However, these are less desirable because they can harbor bacteria and fungus, and they can’t be cleaned as easily. In general, stick to medical-grade silicone, glass or stainless steel toys that are hypoallergenic and nonporous for the most safety and ease of use.

How To Use A Dildo?

There are probably a billion different dildos on the market, and the types that work best for each person can depend on a wide variety of things, including length, girth, and even the material. But what’s most important when using a dildo is that you find the right position for you.

Some people find great pleasure by rubbing the dildo against their anus or clitoris while others prefer to suck on it. If you’re a woman, then you may want to try pushing the tip of your dildo into your G-Spot or P-Spot, which brings a different kind of stimulation that can feel amazing. If you have a curved dildo, then pointing the tip towards your clitoris and jiggling it can be really arousing.

Other women like to use dildos while lying on their back, but there are so many more fun positions and spots you can try that will help stimulate your pleasure more intensely. You can also try sitting or squatting in a chair, on the edge of the bathtub, or even putting your legs up into the air doggy-style and leaning against something.

Just remember to always use lubricant, especially when trying out a new dildo or position. This will keep it from feeling uncomfortable or hurting, and it’ll make it a lot easier to clean afterwards (and avoid a nasty bacterial infection). And always wash your dildo properly after each use. That way, it’ll stay fresh and sexy for a long time to come.

What Are Suction Cup Dildos?

Suction cup dildos are a fun, easy way to enjoy penetration. Designed with versatility in mind, these toys can be used in a variety of positions to offer users the sensations they desire. They are often used as a masturbation toy, but can also be used for oral or anal play. They are also popular in the shower for steamy masturbation sessions or to amp up the fun of shower sex.

There are many models of suction cup dildos available on the market. Some are simple and made to be used with only water, while others feature vibrations for added pleasure. These vibrators can make a regular suction cup toy feel extra orgasmic during use, but some users say the vibration doesn’t travel up the shaft as far as they would like.

Some of these dildos have a movable foreskin, which can be adjusted to the desired length and thickness. This allows the toy to mimic a real penis and make for an even more realistic experience during use.

Most of the dildos in this category are also waterproof. This makes them great for enjoying anal play in the bath, or in other water-based scenarios such as the shower. It’s important to note, however, that even though the toy is waterproof, lubrication should still be applied. Otherwise, the toy may stick or become uncomfortable during play. You can purchase a bottle of silicone lube from your favorite toy store to apply to the dildo.

What Is Pegging?

As the name suggests, pegging is when a person’s anus is penetrated with a strap-on dildo. It’s a popular form of anal play that people of all gender expressions and orientations enjoy, including trans men, women, and non-binary individuals. Pegging can feel incredible for both the sender and receiver, but it’s important that people new to pegging start slow with a small, soft toy. For many, the initial insertion will be painful and intense, but if the right lube is used and the recipient is relaxed, the pain will quickly subside.

Many people who are into pegging do so because they enjoy stimulating their prostate, which can lead to orgasms. Additionally, many people find reversing gender roles erotic and enjoy the idea of being a peg-ee rather than a penetrator.

Another reason some people like pegging is because it’s a way to practice sexual autonomy, which can be empowering for some individuals, especially for those with more repressive cultural and familial expectations surrounding sex. It can also be an excellent stepping stone to other forms of butt play and anal stimulation, which may be more palatable for some individuals.

As with all types of sex, experts recommend patience, consent, and clear communication with your partner before you try pegging. For those who are not experienced in anal penetration, a harness and dildo can be purchased online or at most adult stores; there are options that strap to the waist and others that wrap around the thigh or arm. It is best to use a generous amount of lube for the most comfort.

How To Use Glass Dildo Sex Toys?

Glass dildos aren’t just pretty, they can be extremely satisfying to use too. They can be incredibly orgasmic for both partners, especially if lubed well and used with slow strokes to explore the ridges and textures of the dildo. The stiff, hard material also makes it very effective for G-spot and prostate penetration (again, make sure your dildo has a flared base).

One of the best things about glass dildos is that they can be heated or cooled to change the sensation. For example, you can run a dildo under warm or hot water before inserting it to heat it up to body temperature. This is a great option for beginners because it eliminates the shock factor of a cold or hot dildo when it first touches the skin.

Another great thing about glass dildos is they can be used in all kinds of ways, including for oral sex. They’re fantastic for stroking up and down the labia and clitoris, and massaging the anus too. Glass dildos are also perfect for foreplay, especially when paired with a good massager or a partner.

Glass dildos are also easy to clean, which makes them more hygienic than many other sex toys on the market. Just wipe down your dildo after every use and before storing it to ensure that no bacteria or moisture gets trapped inside the toy. Also, if you plan on using your glass dildo for DP, make sure to get consent from your partner and that they’re comfortable with it!

How To Use Metal Dildos?

Metal dildos are powerful and can hit all the sweet spots with ease. They are made of smooth yet sturdy material that is easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and heavy for intense pleasure. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs, from standard steel shafts to app-controlled toys that can be used with your phone or other device.

Because they're so versatile, metal dildos are very popular among couples and solo players alike. They can be used in both anal and vaginal stimulation. They are a great option for people who are new to sex toys or want a deeper penetration experience than they might find with a smaller dildo.

When using a metal dildo, it's best to start with plenty of external foreplay and some lubrication to warm up. Then, apply a generous amount of lube to the tip and insert it into your anus or vagina. Some people find that the extra weight and rigidity of a metal dildo feels good. Others prefer the tip to be slightly warm for added sensation. It's also important to remember that metal dildos can cause some pain in the anal or vagina if they aren't inserted properly.

Many metal dildos are designed to be used with a handle for a more comfortable grip. Some also come with a plug that can be used to sanitize the toy before and after use. When inserted correctly, metal dildos can bring sensation to the P-spot (for men), G-spot (for women), and A-spot of the clitoris. They're a thrilling addition to your sex life and can make even regular foreplay more exciting.

How To Use Large Dildos?

The key to enjoying large dildos is to play them slowly and safely. If you jump into them too quickly, you can injure yourself or have a painful experience.

As with all penetrative sex toys, it's important to warm up your body before using a large dildo. This can be done with foreplay and/or oral sex before you even insert the toy. It's also a good idea to clean the dildo before putting it in and afterward. This ensures it's hygienic and free of bacteria.

When you're ready to play, find a position that's comfortable for you. You can lie down on your back with a pillow under you, squat over the dildo or lower yourself into it from above. Depending on what kind of sensations you're looking for, you can also turn on the vibrations of your dildo to take things up a notch.

Finally, don't forget to use plenty of lubricant before and after insertion. It makes everything more pleasurable and reduces the risk of chafing or tearing as your body stretches to accommodate the new toy. We recommend a water-based lubricant like Sliquid Sea that's safe for all sex toys and condoms.

Once you're comfortable with your toy and your position, it's time for insertion. We suggest starting small and working your way up in size. This will help you to learn how to play with your new toy without feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed.

How To Use A Fist Dildo?

Fisting is a huge undertaking, especially for those new to it. It requires a lot of trust and respect, but it also takes time to become a master fister. That’s why it’s important to talk openly about the experience – to set expectations about what feels good, and to communicate if anything is too painful or uncomfortable.

As such, fisting isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s because of physical limitations or the discomfort of anal play, queer porn star Andre Shakti recommends being honest about your sex preferences with your partner if you don’t think fisting will be an option for you. And, if it’s just not going to work out, don’t force it. There are plenty of other ways to explore anal play, and your partner should understand that.

When choosing a fisting toy, it’s important to consider the shape and size of the toy. Fist dildos come in all shapes, from the brutally rounded ‘clenched fist’ shape that’ll stretch you immediately, to a more pointed ’cone’ style that’ll slowly expand the further into the body it goes.

There are also a variety of textures and crevices to consider. Some are smooth, others are rough or have spicy zig-zag designs that feel incredible. Ultimately, the texture and size of the toy will determine how it feels inside your body and how easy it is to insert. Fist dildos can be made from plastic or silicone, and most are reusable if they’re cleaned well.

How To Use A Strap-On Dildo?

There's a lot to love about strap-on dildos. They're fun to play with, and they're especially useful for people who are new to penetrative sex.

To get the most out of a strap-on, it's best to start off slow. Start with a soft, yet sturdy silicone dildo. Silicon is a good choice because it's safe and easy to clean. It's also important to make sure your harness matches your dildo. There are different sizes of harnesses and O-rings, so shopping for a variety pack is an excellent way to see what you like before making a big investment.

Once you've figured out the basics, you can take your strap-on sex game to the next level by using it for oral, ejaculation and even masturbation. It's also recommended to use a lot of lube, as a lack of it can lead to pain and discomfort. And don't forget to clean your gear after every use.

And if you're still feeling lost, it's always helpful to seek out advice from friends or mentors who have more experience than you do. They can help you figure out how tight the harness needs to be, or show you ways to insert, remove or switch dildos on the fly.

What Are Realistic Dildo Sex Toys?

When you want a dildo that feels and looks real, there are many options available. The most realistic dildos are made with firmer silicone and rubber body safe materials molded to the exact size, shape and detail of a human cock. They are sexy and sensual, and feel great with anal play. Some are even molded after the cocks of porn stars for a more lifelike look.

Choosing the best one for you may take time and effort, but it is possible to find a perfect dildo to suit your needs. To make the process easier, consider your lifestyle and the type of orgasms you enjoy most. Then, read the pros and cons of each device and compare features to narrow down your choices. You may also find it helpful to read a couple of reviews from other users before making your final decision.

The best realistic dildos have lots of extra details that really add to the pleasure. These include a curved shaft for inserting, and a realistic texture that mimics a cock's skin. Some have special features like vibrating and ejaculating, while others work in strap-on harnesses for hands free play.

These sex toys tend to be more expensive than some of the other types of dildo, but they are worth it for those who can afford the investment.

What Are Squirting Dildos?

Whether you want to add the internal stimulation of semen play to your solo kink sessions, or you're playing with a partner, squirting dildos are a great way to get the feel of a penis while adding extra sensations. These dildos are filled with a lube, and when you hit a button, it squirts out of the cock like semen during an orgasm. They are also incredibly realistic, and are often made from anal-safe materials.

Unlike regular dildos, which you fill with water or any lube, squirting dildos usually come with a special lube. This lube is designed specifically for use with the toy, and it has a semen-like smell that adds to the pleasure. Some squirting dildos also come with a hand bulb that lets you add a squirt of the lube when you're ready to cum.

While there are many squirting dildos on the market, it's important to make sure that you're choosing one from a reputable brand. You'll also want to use a lube that is formulated for vaginal use and PH balanced. This will help to prevent irritation, and keep the lube healthy and working properly.

While it's tempting to try out different squirting dildos, start with a small dildo to see how you like it. You can always work your way up to bigger dildos in the future. Having a reliable squirting dildo that you can count on to perform well will let you enjoy your sex toy more, and avoid any issues.

What Are Double Penetration Dildos?

Double penetration dildos are a popular choice for those looking to enhance their solo or partnered play. 

These dildos feature two shafts, allowing for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. Made from body-safe materials like silicone, these dildos are flexible yet firm for maximum pleasure.

Whether you're exploring new sensations or taking your pleasure to the next level, double penetration dildos offer a unique and fulfilling experience. 

With a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from, you can customize your play to suit your preferences. Enjoy the ultimate in dual stimulation with a double penetration dildo from our collection today!
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